Rouge Bunny Rouge is more than a premium beauty brand, ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is the sensual magic escape from the mundane. ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is all about sensual response. The long-lasting, actives-packed formulations caress and refresh the wearer’s skin – a pleasure to wear. The complex, luxuriant colours flatter the features of a woman effortlessly. The fine fragrances made by outstanding French perfumers seduce the senses.

Just one beauty moment with ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE – and the escape from the mundane is accomplished.

Make-up mirror
Make-up session
Rouge Bunny Rouge display

The very name ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is a spell that acts as a presage to a magical world. “Rouge” – proficiency in cosmetics. “Bunny” – a totem animal, a guide to fantastical realms. “Rouge” – the colour of passion and the most classic symbol of erotic attraction.

And the world of ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is the Enchanted Garden. Its stories, creatures, mages, rituals, landscapes all set a scene for a magical escape, allowing our customers to metaphorically dance like nobody’s watching.