Facial Skin Analysis

Facial Skin Analysis

Did you know that environmental damage to your skin isn’t always visible to the naked eye? Your skin might look and feel amazing, but it does not necessarily mean your skin is healthy. Before our skin therapist start your facial she is curious about your skin concerns.

After filling in our Skin Ceuticals skinanalysisform we will use the SkinScope. SkinScope is a LED-UV light device that can illuminate skin imperfections (and damage) caused by environmental factors such as the sun’s UV rays and pollution.

How does SkinScope work?
SkinScope uses LED-UV light to identify skin damage.  Specific colours represent different skin imperfections:

Pale Blue: Normal and healthy-looking skin
White: Dead skin cells
Dark Blue: Thinner, dehydrated skin
Brown: Pigmentation and dark spots
Yellow: Oily areas of the face
Dark Pink or Orange: Congested pores and comedones

Skin Analysis at Boutique Spa

Skin Analysis
Skin Analysis